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Our Story

On September 10, 2007 Mark & Susan Nelson formed The Red Hairon LLC business entity.   Three months later, we transformed an empty 70’ x 20’ empty shell into 6-station salon called The Red Hairon., and opened for business on 4 December 2007.  6 months later we added 2 stations and 2008 added the final station to complete the 9-station salon. Our goal, was to build a beautifully architected salon while creating an atmosphere of tranquilly and peace with the striving desire to put people first.

For 11 years, The Red Hairon offered top quality hair services to families in the Hampton Roads.  Suzie with our loyal stylists served over 11,400 people.  We only had 15 stylists that graced our chairs.  In an industry which is rampant with employee turnover, that has to be a national record.  Suzie is very gifted in managing people (especially woman).

Both Susan and Mark are from former small steel towns nestled close to the confluence of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers in Southwest Pennsylvania.  Susan was raised in a country store owned by her parents.  That upbringing gave her an innate desire to be an entrepreneur.  At the age of 23, and $3,000 borrowed money from her widowed mother, she opened Central New Beginnings during January 1976 in Elizabeth, PA.  Our daughter is now running the salon today.

Mark was raised by a father who was a letter carrier and a mother who was first generation immigrant as her parents sojourned from Lebanon.  Mark’s love for science and mathematics led him to an engineering career.  Fast forwarding to years later, Suzie and Mark married on 11 July 1992.  Suzie and her two daughters, ages 19 and 12, and Mark and his two boys, ages 16 and 3 moved into Suzie’s house.  3 boys not use to living with girls and 3 girls not used to living with boys moved into a home; Mark describes it as a cataclysmic event.  But we purposed that with the help of Jesus, we would build a household of faith.  And through the 27 years since, through mountain tops and deep valleys we are reaping the benefits of our household of faith experience.

We wanted to mention something about our faith.  Each of us have miracle stories, before the Mark and Suzie era.  How God put us together is a story that to this day, shock and amazes the both of us.   We both got to experience God’s promise as pronounced in the old testament by the prophet Joel.  “And I will restore unto you the years that the locust, the cankerworm, the caterpillar and the palmerworm has eaten”. 

We would say that we got restored 7-fold.  Today Suzie is enjoying daily grandmother duties as our four children has blessed us with 9 grandchildren.  Mark is an engineer at the company that builds aircraft carriers and submarines for the Navy.

What are We Selling:
Assuming you have seen our video, that was the Red Hairon, before we dismantled and removed everything.  We believe the Red Hairon can be replicated including the brand.  Mark designed the salon that perfectly accommodates all of the uses required to run a top-notch salon. To summarize, the custom cabinetry includes 49 custom pieces.  This includes 9 salon booths, the front desk, and the shampoo area. Detailed engineering plans to replicate in a 20’ x 70’ space.

-Optimized space usage
-Reception area
-Front desk that accounted for traffic for multiple activities (appointment management, credit card, gift card and transaction activities.
-Each stylist booth
-Shampoo area
-Consider client access from both sides
-Dryer area
-Vending machine/Coffee kiosk area
-Stylist break room
-Including table and chairs, television access, microwave and electric oven access, refrigerator, access to second PC for schedule access and rear door exit access
-Laundry and general storage room
-Handicap space requirements
-General walk through area
-Including extra seating at each stylist booth
-Booth’s staggered so that salon owner booth can easily view front desk activities
-Special wall design for owner booth to easily view reception area and front door

-Infrastructure details were optimized
-Lighting optimized
-Including track lighting for each salon booth
-Stereo speaker layout
-Music access
-HVAC air flow (inlet and exhaust placements)
-Types of air flow vents
-Filter access
-Bathroom exhaust fan details
-Network for appointment access both front and rear of salon
-Sprinkler system heads layout
-Each booth had dedicated breaker to support all their electrical needs
-Panel box breaker layout configured that considered balancing electrical load across all three phases of building power
-Plumbing details
-Including ease of access
-Performed study on hot water usage
-Installed accordingly
-Dryer outlet vents

-Customized details of each stylist booth and equipped with:
-Optimized floor space to account for stylist and salon chair movements
-Three sides have mirrors
-Enhances services
-Ambient lighting creates brighter space
-Plenty of shelving to keep supplies and equipment
-Two sets of 4 electrical outlets
-Spaced at two corners of booth to offer ease of use and access
-Customized cabinet cut-outs to store equipment
-Ease of access for wireless phone rechargers to access salon central phone

-Flooring details and considerations

-Entrance windows blinds


Purchasing Option #1: Cabinetry, Engineering Plans & Brand
-Cabinetry (original installed cost of 49 pieces: $40,000)
-Cost is 20% of $40,000 = $8,000
-Credit move cabinets to final destination, will contribute $1,000
-Install at buyer’s place, will contribute $1,000
-Final price $6,000
-Buyer provides moving costs and responsibilities
-“As is” purchase

-Providing “The Red Hairon” sign
-All rights to the logo
-Sell of LLC
-Final price: $2,800
-Buyer pays for attorney fees to transfer business name
-“As is” purchase

-Engineering Plans
-All plans (as is)
-Provide support to General Contractor
-Can support one 4 hour visit (if within 300 miles)
-Phone availability to support as is plans and provide advise
-Final Price: $1,000

Purchasing Option #2: Cabinetry only
-Cabinetry (original installed cost of 49 pieces: $40,000)
-Cost is 20% of $40,000 = $8,000
-Credit move cabinets to final destination, will contribute $1,000
-Install at buyer’s place, will contribute $1,000
-Final price $6,000
-Buyer provides moving costs and responsibilities
-“As is” purchase

Other options:
-Provide design for smaller place
-Price TBD based on situation and support of general contractor

Other Prices:
-Track Lighting: $125
-Stylist chairs: $100 each
-Shampoo Bowls: $75 each
-Stereo System: $25 (3 speakers, and receiver)
-Small microwave: $25

Our Contact Info:

Mark Nelson
757-593-2942 (OK to text)

Salon Hours

Monday8am - 8pm
Tuesday8am - 8pm
Wednesday8am - 8pm
Thursday8am - 8pm
Friday8am - 8pm
Saturday8am - 6pm
The Red Hairon - 3120 Kiln Creek Parkway - Yorktown, VA 23693, USA - 757-593-2942

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